Governor Degamo wants stronger sports, medical tourism in Negros Oriental


Negros Oriental Governor Roel Ragay Degamo has called on the health and sports officials to prepare a roadmap to strengthen the hospital services and facilities as well as the sports tourism program to complement the growing tourism industry in the province.

This came out during the recent monthly meeting of the department/section and unit heads where Gov. Degamo presided and received reports of the projects and programs being implemented by the administration.He said that the health, sports and tourism programs are a complementary to each other. “It is good to aim high,” as he stressed there is no limit to dream for bigger things for the good of the province.

The chief executive encouraged the health officers from the various hospitals to use their budget for improvement. “I give you pure authority to manage your hospitals. This is my vision to improve the hospital facilities and services to be at par with the private sector,” he quipped.However, the governor advised them to do it within legal boundaries. “Let us follow the law,” he said.  Degamo advised the doctors managing the hospitals to prepare a road map for the development of the hospitals to be at par with the private sector.

Among the proposals is the hiring of specialists to improve the medical services, the possible establishment of the Diagnostic Center, renovation and improvement of the community primary hospitals and district hospitals, and the possible hiring of additional personnel to serve the people better.

“What is important is the Values Formation and human resource development of our medical personnel to serve the people well,” Degamo stressed during the meeting Monday at the Visionnaire Loungue, Convention Hotel, this city.

The improved Negros Oriental Provincial Hospital with the Central Block at the background (Photo by: GB Lutz Aguilar)

In many of his public pronouncements, Gov. Degamo said “I want our hospital system to be part of the growing medical tourism industry.”

To make this a reality, he emphasized the need to enhance the medical buildings and facilities, and equipped it with modern medical equipment. “We have built the Central Block  and the Oxygen-generating Plant.  Those were dreams first, but we have built it.”  On the other hand, Gov. Degamo complemented the efforts of the sports tourism program.

Provincial Sports Coordinator Paultom Paras reported to the governor the on-going sports events.He said there are plans for the Governor’s Sports Festival comprising of 25 sports-tourism events will begin this October during the Buglasan Festival of Festivals.

Paras disclosed that beginning October and towards the end of the year, sports tourism Fests will be held in the province. “There will be three months of sports fests-cum tourism lined up.This is being done without neglecting the normal sports program implementation, including at the grassroots level,” he added.

Among the famous sports tourism events are the Dragon boat Competition, National Lawn Tennis, the Yamaha Motor Grand Prix, Triathlon, Sports for Peace and Development among various military, police, navy and other units of the Armed Forces. The Dragon Festival among armed men and women will be on September 30, 2017.

Gov. Degamo expressed interest in the possible Jet Ski Competition as potential sports tourism activity in the province.  “Let us make things possible without listening to negative critics,” he stressed.

Paras proposed that it is possible to be held at the Tambobo Bay in Siaton in the very near future.