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Aquino Freedom Park DUMAGUETE CITY  

Wide expanse of green lawns and old trees with flower borders, musical fountain and the Aquino stage. For promenading and lounging right in front of the imposing Capitol building.

Baldwin Locomotive BAIS CITY

Rests on memories of its heyday as dean of the hacienda workhorses. Central Azucarera de Bais was established in 1918 as the first sugar mill in the Philippines of Tabacalera.

Balatong Point BASAY

Also called Punta Tambungon by the locals, with rocks and large corals used as navigation landmarks. The biggest shipment of WWII ammunition for the Negros guerilla movement is said to have been unloaded here, now the favored dive site of many scuba enthusiasts.

Aquino Freedom Park
Aquino Freedom Park
Baldwin Locomotive Bais
Baldwin Locomotive Bais
Negros Oriental Arts and Heritage (NOAH)
Negros Oriental Arts and Heritage (NOAH)

Malatapay Livestock and Fish Market ZAMBOANGUITA

Seaside market livestock, fresh fish and seafood, grain and many other commodities from salt to rubber slippers.

Fish of choice may be cooked according to the diner’s desire, also racks of lechon to enjoy right on the beach and in the midst of the market bustle, but only on Wednesdays.

Negros Oriental Arts and Heritage (NOAH) BACONG

Export quality stone craft and various art pieces and accessories manufacturing site.